Plinko money game

Strategy for Playing Plinko Slot

Do you like the Plinko slot? Now you can play it online and win generous prizes. This interesting game was created according to the plot of a popular TV show, "The Price is Right." In this game, you place a chip on the board with numbered cells and watch how it jumps and falls into one of the cells. The one whose chip falls into the most important cell wins. You can play for free and for money - you choose the game mode.

Plinko is an entertainment form that has been existing for many centuries. The algorithm of the game is simple: throw the ball or the coin onto the board with numbered cells. The object jumps and falls into one of the cells. You get the prize or lose, depending on where it lands. The game originated in France in the 17th century. In the 20th century, it was brought to America, and it instantly spread there. In the 1960s, Plinko began appearing on TV shows and found its fans.

Today you can play Plinko in a casino. It's a perfect way to win generous prizes. And now, let's take a closer look at the strategies and schemes for winning. In fact, there is no single strategy for all Plinko slots, but most fans emphasize the indicators of the statistics, which are shown on the right side. What's important to know is the slot's return percentage at a distance, while you can practice and understand the essence on the casino site or by activating the demo version. The free game allows you to gain practice, learn how to place a bet, and understand the mechanism of the slot. You can also just enjoy the process. The outcome of every round in the slot is random, formed on the random combination generator. This means the third parties have nothing to do with scamming numbers.

A Careful Scheme for Playing Plinko

In this case, the strategy of playing with a small bet is based on getting a big cashback percentage. This means the longer you play and place more bets, the lower the risk of wasting money and the higher the possibility of winning is. There is also a chance to hit a good jackpot. If you place multiple bets, you can lose before you receive a refund. Naturally, you can win a large amount on the first bet, but here as luck would have it. The cashback of the game is 97% if you play for a long time. Therefore, there's no risk of losing much.

A Careful Scheme for Playing Plinko

Bit Bet Strategy

You can bet big if you have already trained and caught the game's concept. In this case, the risk increases. But at the same time, you can quickly get a huge win. Count yourself, raise 10 x 100 or 100 x 100 - the difference is enormous. You can combine a big and a small bet, thus having the balance bigger in total than bets, and it will increase your chances of winning and let you get the necessary number of bets for a deposit cashback. And a large bet with a large coefficient will give you a huge win.

bit bet strategy

Why Strategies Don' Let You Win?

If you try different strategies, you check their efficacy and choose the necessary strategy, while someone just gets disappointed. The slot is based on a random number generator, which allows revealing which points will appear above every cell. Additionally, every subsequent spin doesn't depend on the previous one. Although the slot initially has this advantage, it doesn't prevent the user from receiving winnings over short distances. The benefits of using strategies are:

  • You can streamline the process;
  • You can make the game exciting;
  • You can stop in time, thus preventing yourself from losing a big sum of money.


How to Play the Slot Correctly?

So as not to lose large sums and get pleasure from the process, professional gamblers have noted several points:

  1. You need to play slowly, rush to nothing.
  2. Don't bet more than you can spend.
  3. Become a casino member and get cashback and other generous promotions.
  4. Before playing for money, test the slot in the demo version to get acquainted with the winning combinations.

Usually, slot machines have a principle; the bigger the jackpot sum is, the lower the chances of getting a prize are. Therefore, when choosing a slot machine, you had better choose the one with high return odds and not a large jackpot.


As it was already mentioned earlier, there are no specific strategies for getting a win in slot Plinko since the outcome is random and based on fair gambling. That's the uniqueness of the slot machine. Neither the developer, the casino, nor the third parties can alter the outcome of the events. The outcome of every round can be easily checked. Therefore, just launch the slot and enjoy the process.